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Bonsai-care - Repotting

Bonsai need repotting every 2-3 years. Cutting back the rootsystem at the same is vital for a healthy bonsai. It motivates the tree to create a rootsystem compensating the loss of its large natural roots. If you do not buy your bonsai from a knowledgable dealership repot it as soon as possible. Cheap Bonsai from China usually come in poor soil that does not suit conditions for a happy tree in other parts of the world. Consider buying soil (e.g. Akadama) from a specialst or mix your own. It must drain well. A lot of Bonsai die because the soil is always wet. As small tree still is a tree, not a water plant (neither a cactus)!

Indoor bonsai can be repotted all year round, outdoor bonsai preferably during springtime.

Repotting itself is really simple:

  • 1. Prepare the new pot (fill the floor with 2-3 cups of new soil)
  • 2. Cut along edges of the pot with an old knife, take tree out
  • 3. Carefully wash or brush out the old soil
  • 4. Cut thick roots back, trim fine roots in a way leaving one thumbnail space all around in the new pot
  • 5. Put the bonsai in the new pot, fix to the floor with a wire
  • 6. Fill pot with soil, massage new soil between roots with chopstick
  • 7. Water plentiful until clear water rinses out bottom
  • 8. Leave bonsai at one place for the next 4-6 weeks, do not fertilze first 4 weeks

  • In case you donīt feel comfortable repotting yourself make use of our repotting service and pass by with your bonsai.