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Bonsai-care - Watering

Most important for a healthy tree is the correct amount of water for your bonsai. Watering requires attention as bonsai have an individual thirst. The right moment for watering is based on a lot of influences like temperature, humidity, location etc.

Forget rules like "water constantly or every two days". One thing is for sure: Bonsai trees grow best if dry and wet changes regularly. A good soil from your nearest specialist helps to provide a good climate for the roots. A good bonsai soil must drain well!

Check the humidity at least once a day (may not be enough on hot summer days). If dry, water until it starts dripping out the bottom. Only water when the Bonsai is dry, avoiding dry periods longer than half a day. Especially in summer the roots may be severly damaged through lack of regular watering.

By watching your bonsai closely you will find out about its thirst and its own watering schedule - and yes, you could compare bonsai somehow with a pet.